Getting to Know the IPC and PCB Training Certification Courses


Let’s face it. The electronics world revolves around the Printed Wiring Board (PWB). No electronic product, no matter how simple or cheap would work without it. This simply implies that the quality of the printed board is the primary responsibility of thousands of people in the electronics industry,

In order to make this responsibility measurable in terms of quality and acceptability, IPC and PCB certification courses were conceived.

IPC-A-600 Acceptability of Printed Boards

Since its inception, the IPC-A-600 has become the standard for the quality of PCB / PWB workmanship. Its comprehensive criteria for acceptance which include photographs and colored illustrations of printed board surface  has made it one of the most popular documents ever produced by IPC.

The Importance of IPC-A-600

This training and certification develops people’s understanding of quality assurance of unpopulated PCBs. It also signifies a manufacturer’s commitment to the continuous improvement of its products in terms of quality.

IPC-A-610 – Targeting Excellence in Electronics Assembly of Printed Boards

This training and certification program is considered the most reliable inspection standard in the electronics manufacturing industry. IPC-A-610 is accepted internationally. It is in fact regarded internationally as a model for end product acceptance criteria for high reliability printed circuit assemblies.

Like the IPC-A-600, the IPC-A-610 demonstrates a company’s commitment and desire for continuous improvement of its operations and product quality.

IPC-6012 – Excellence in Electronics Assembly Qualification and Performance for Rigid Printed Boards

This standard defines the qualifications and expectations for the manufacture of rigid printed circuit boards. It is a training and certification program that is designed to “train the trainer.” Any electronics manufacturing company that wants to have their Trainer certified for IPC-6012 sends their man to an IPC Training Center that is duly licensed to conduct IPC-6012 training.


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