The Global Electronics Industry: Interesting Facts and Figures

We all know that Electronics is a mammoth of a global sector. But the facts and figures relating to this industry prove to be interesting nuggets of information.

Did you know:

. . . that the United States is the world’s largest producer of electronic products that accounts for 21% of the world total?

 . . . that as of May 2015, the U.S. consumer electronics industry is worth an all-time high of $211.3 billion?

 . . . that according to the IPC, which represents the global electronics industry, the demand for talent in electronics manufacturing has surpassed supply growth because of an ageing workforce?

 . . . that a survey by the Young Enterprise involving 28 UK blue-chip companies showed that 75% of managers thought the new electronics workforce aren’t properly skilled in this field?

 . . . that the International Consumer Electronics Show, the world’s largest consumer electronics exhibit, launches over 20,000 new products each year?

 . . . that the UK electronic systems is an £80 billion-a-year industry, ranking fifth globally in terms of global production?

 . . . that a May 2011 report by the Environmental Protection Agency revealed that in 2010, total disposed e-waste reached 2.44 million tons comprising of 384 million units of computers, monitors, hard copy devices, keyboards, mice, televisions and mobile devices? Of these, 1.79 million tons or 310 million units were trashed, and 649,000 tons consisting of 73.7 million units were recycled — which corresponds to a 27% recycling rate in tons or 19% in units.